Ask me to Speak!

Speaking Engagement Request and Information

Richard (at)

We are honored by your request to have Dr. Krejcir speak at your upcoming event.  To aid us in the planning process and determining the feasibility of your request, would you kindly complete the following questionnaire and either email or mail the completed form to our office.                  


              Date(s):  ____________________________
              Time(s): _____________________________

              Location: ____________________________
                                 Address: _______________________________



                                 Phone:    __(_____)_______________________


              Name: __________________________________ 
              Phone: _(_____)___________________________            
              E-mail: __________________________________            

              Fax: ____________________________________              


              Sponsoring church or ministry: _________________________________            

              Name of Pastor or Ministry Head: ____________________________


  Type of event: _______________________________________

              General topic or theme of the event: _______________________            

              Specific topic(s) you want Richard to speak on: ______________________                 

              Length of talk(s): _____________________________________________            

              Anticipated attendance: _______________________________________            


              Transportation arrangements: __________________________________________                                                          

              Lodging arrangements: _______________________________________________

 Meals: _____________________________________________________________ (Richrd needs to be fed!)

              Honorarium: _______________________________________________    (Richard likes $$$)

              Media Tools Available:
                                 PowerPoint:  Yes___ No ___
                                 Microphone: Yes ___ No___      

              Arrival time for speaker: _______________________________________________

 Any special request or other information that would be helpful in preparing for this event?



One Million Dollars (it does not hurt to ask-lol) 

$1,000/day for conferences, plus expenses * 

$3000 for weekend conferences *

$200/hour for consulting or speaking *

* If I am available, I will work with you if you can’t afford these rates

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