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This blog is primarily a platform to share my sermons and speaking notes, as many people have been asking me for these and I found a bit of time to comply…. Here they are, and as time gives me, I will be posting more. A “caveat,” these are rough drafts and notes, these are my notes that were meant for my dyslexic eyes and thus, not polished and edited works. So, if you want “polished” see our ministry sites for what you need, and use the search functions…



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Also,  I post my educational writings and reserch here too. 

What qualifies me? “Dr. Richard Krejcir is an Author, Researcher and the Director of a nonprofit that does educational training in third-world countries. He is also a Homeschool Coordinator at Method Schools and an instructor in a STEM program and a father of a son with autism. He holds a BA from SJSU, an MA; MDiv, from Fuller and a PH.D., from London. He has over 30 years of experience working with students with learning disabilities. Including, overcoming severe Dyslexia himself. He has the tool to help your student succeed!”

It is my endeavor to be an honest exegete and Bible teacher and not read in what I want the Bible to say or what others have said; rather learn and teach what God actually has to say to us today. From His timeless true-Truths…not trends or desires!

Who am I, a disciple and nephew of Frances Schaffer, Author, the Doctor, Hey Pastor, the Reverend, Missionary, Theologian, Researcher, Cat Herder and most important, Husband and “Dada” Richard Joseph Krejcir.

Our latest newsletter, what are the Krejcir’s up too?



One of the great tragedies of the church today is “bad teaching,” not just false teaching form the TV preacher crowd, but sloppy teaching and eisegesis from the Conservative and Evangelical even Reformed pulpits. That fewer and fewer pastors are using and reading the Bible. Fewer and fewer Christians are living the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ than ever before. As Christians living in America today, we tend to be more concerned with who is coming to our church—and how many are coming—and less concerned with making disciples, which we are called first and foremost to do.

The Problem of Eisegesis


I believe that the lack of Bible study and Bible knowledge is one of the root causes of the problems that most Christians face, because without this knowledge, we are unable to make healthy and wise decisions. It is also one of the root problems that our churches face. Our churches are riddled with conflict and strife thereby pushing people away when we are called to be a light in darkness, salt to a flavorless world, and a haven of rest. Yet, we choose to ignore our call and rather place our focus upon our selfish needs and quests, with “sermonettes for Christianettes” when it needs to be upon the foot of the cross, who Christ is, and what He did for us as revealed in His Word.

More about me if you must know

Dr. Richard Joseph Krejcir is a pastor, writer, speaker and missionary who trains and equips other pastors and church leaders. My Purpose is to point to the Supremacy and Centrality of Christ, and with your partnership we can expand God’s Kingdom by becoming and developing wholeheartedly, fully-engaged followers of Jesus Christ. If you want to help support us in these endeavors and our pastoral training overseas, then please let us know. Please remember us in prayer!

Dr. Krejcir has been teaching inductive Bible study principles at camps, conferences and churches all over the world since 1978. He does this to give people opportunities and tools so they can learn how to gain those life-impacting insights from the Bible. Richard has been personally discipled by some of Christendom’s greatest thinkers and leaders, including his uncle Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer, others such as Dr. Walter Martin, Chuck Miller, Ralph Winter, and Robert Boyd Munger have personally mentored him, as well as other great and godly men. His main influencers have been Schaeffer as well as Oswald Chambers and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Richard has learned and remains committed to teaching people how to find the time for Christ, how to be His disciple, and how to understand His Word better.

Richard lives in Southern California and is married to the beautiful MaryRuth and a precious son Ryan born May 10, 2006, a miracle from God. He is committed to, prayer, spiritual growth, and integrity. He is the Founder and Director of, Into Thy Word, Ministries, a, missions, and, discipling, ministry, with a call upon his heart to bring, discipleship, materials to, pastors, and everyone who needs them here and overseas. He is the author of numerous articles, curriculums and books like, Into Thy Word. He is a nephew and disciple of, Francis Schaeffer, and is also an, ordained pastor, teacher, and, speaker. He is a graduate of, Fuller Theological Seminary, in Pasadena California (Master of Divinity) and holds a Ph.D. (Practical Theology) from London. He has amounted over 20 years of, pastoral ministry, experience, mostly in, youth ministry, including serving as a. church growth. consultant.

My Books are:


The New Exodus

Distilled from over twenty years of research with practical helps,

….this is the Book originally called “Pew-Sitting, ” as some of you were asking about, when it will be ready… here it is!


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You can also get the ebook NOW! The New Exodus



Learn to Build the Net of Faith to Catch Others for the Faith! How to build your faith and share your faith without fear even without opening your mouth!


The Field Guide to Healthy Relations…

Discovering and Applying Biblical Precepts to the Building of Lasting, Quality Relationships, Including Marriage and How to
Find the Person Who Is Right for You!

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Into Thy Word

A Simple, Easy to Learn way to Better Understand the Bible and what God has to say to us.

How to do an Inductive Bible Study with a 15-week curriculum!


E Books:

“Into Thy Word” Learn More


“The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships” Learn More


“Net-Work!” Learn More

The following are essential to the Christian’s walk of faith, which Richard strives to the fullest to obey and practice daily:

  • A caring, effective love relationship with Jesus Christ as LORD.
  • A lifestyle dedicated to obeying God’s Will.
  • Daily devotional times, prayer, and studying of God’s Word.
  • A joyful love and willingness to serve our Lord, even through personal sacrifice.
  • A witness for Christ without hypocrisy.
  • A firm desire to be God’s child through trust and obedience.
  • A working faith in God’s promises for all daily needs and in all situations.

Hi church leaders and Pastors, consider adding us and or our ministry www.intothyword.org to your churches missionary prayer and or support roster… we are currently training over 10,000 pastors and equipping many, many more and we are in great need! We need your partnership to continue our efforts to receive what Christ gives by His work empowering our work for His glory.

Also, I raise my own support, as a missionary….

If you have a better way to make $$$ that is not a scam or a MLM, let me know… (it is amazing how much negative feedback I get for occasionally sending out a support letter…)


Please consider helping us spread the word about God’s Word, as we teach Biblical principles as well as how people can get more out of their Bible and how they can grow in Christ through our ministry!


Need discipleship materials? Does your church have you down? Do you need help, insights to know how to lead biblically, or some encouragement to keep steady in the faith? The check out our website; we have over 700 articles of sold Biblical curriculums designed to help people grow in Him!


Be Blessed!


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