Youth Talks


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  1. Elvispresley A.omojaye says:

    I will love to learn more about a christian youth.and are bring up good youth.pls you can sent message to my E-mail.thank you

    • I am not sure what you are asking for? To find a Youth Group? let me know where you live…. Or look here

      To be a Youth pastor? Here are some tips:

      I believe one of the most impotent jobs there can be!

      I got started when I was at least 16 teaching Sunday School and been doing it for more than 30 years…there is so much you can learn and do, but the most important is to build your faith, read and know the Bible, this is a life long journey… This is what makes a great man after God’s heart and a great pastor….

      I recommend any of our Bible reading plans and a good devotional like My Utmost for His Highest, online or book… it never gets old….

      Second, is do not focus on the trends and what is catchy, focus on being real and relevant in the lives of the youth. Be their friend, listen, do not judge, be their advocate and respect the parents, be their advocate and resource too.

      Third, teach disciple is utmost of importance, games are for connecting but do not just have all fun and games and no meat…

      Forth, take the kids on trips, camps, service projects, have adequate helpers and parents… find the best camps in your area and make friends with the director or key staff..

      Fifth, get involved with a local Youth Pastors fellowship, just call a couple of the bigger churches and ask their YP….

      Get people to pay for you too!!!

      Pray what Jesus wants you to do in their lives and in your church… perhaps disciple and teach and help the older youth teach younger youth, pick and mentor students to be leaders in your youth group… see if your pastor needs a helper for something… And see who can mentor you too!

      See our and use the resources under “Articles to help Build our Pastoral and Personal lives for God’s Glory” for your mentoring…

      The resources we have are for Jr High and up in your Youth Ministry section….

      Youth Evangelism helps

      More stuff here that you can turn into talks and youth lessons:

      Other good resources, (lots of real usable resources) (ideas) (more ideas)

      All we have is for you to use… have more Q’s let me know….

      be blessed!

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