Speaking Notes

However, the very notion that our product (Biblical Christianity) needs an overhaul is ludicrous. We do not have to make the gospel more relevant to modern ears.  There is nothing more relevant than how to be cleansed from sin and how to find life beyond the grave. We must be careful that, as we seek to promote the church, we promote the true church and not a watered down, cheap imitation. Many today are removing offensive doctrines in order to make the gospel more attractive. This will lead people into idolatry!

Inbound Church Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is attracting and connecting with people who come to you through a posted content that they are engaged in. This is how churches can reach people where they are at.


How we meet and engage strangers and turn them into visitors to your church is essential to our growth.

Grow your Ministry using Social Media

Key techniques to connect with more people to grow your church or ministry using social media. Developing an effective strategy for Social Media ministry to successfully focus on the appropriate overall ministry goals.

Grow your Ministry using Social Media.

Techniques to connect with more people to grow your ministry using social media. Developing an effective strategy for Social Media ministry to successfully focus on the appropriate overall ministry goals.

Why Churches Fail 

Is your church healthy?

Let us not fall into the trap of putting on a performance—of acting out the Christian life. Let us not play a Christian; let us be a Christian. Let our actions respond to the transformation of Christ’s grace by living honest lives. We must allow Christ’s amazing grace to root out all the evil within us, especially the hypocrisy that causes so much destruction, else our church fail—and worst of all, fail Him! 

Prayer & Leaders & Suffering  Audio!

James 5:13-18

This is an aspect of real worship and music, which is never a show; rather, it is the response of our love giving praise. We, as a congregation, are the performers, and Christ is the audience. Real, authentic worship is to be inspired by who Christ is and what He is doing in us. It is not about form, function, or type; it is about hearts showing love to Him. Prayer and worship share the same heart and attitude (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:12-17).

What is Going on with the Pastors in America? 

After over 18 years of researching pastoral trends and being a pastor, I have found (this data is backed up by other studies) that pastors are in a dangerous occupation! We are perhaps the single most stressful and frustrating working profession, more than medical doctors, lawyers, politicians or cat groomers (hey they have claws). I found that over 70% of pastors are so stressed out and burned out that they regularly consider leaving the ministry (I only feel that way on Mondays). 

Spiritual Maturity and its Importance 

We are called to spiritual growth—that is, the formation of the investment of faith Christ gives us that we give back to Him in dividends. This is a deep conviction of our faith, a practiced submission that shows our obedience, and a life of personal and relational maturity. We have to listen to God; if not, we will not learn and then we will not grow and then we will not have a life of transformation and growth. Instead, we experience a storm-tossed sea of life, wayward in every perspective because our eyes and ears are not upon our Lord (Hebrews chap 1-6; James 1). 

Church Life as it Relates to being Devoted to Christ 

In Scripture we are given a call to our spiritual formation; and to do so, we must think, study, and ponder how His principles are to affect and impact us as He is Christ the Lord. We are to see Him, believe in Him, know Him, and thus obey Him so our entire life is infused in Him and His Way. Thus, we are called to make this happen by seeking His truth, His teachings, and to walk in His ways by trust. We are then called to do this with hope because He gives us the confidence to have courage and empowerment of faith, all because of who we are in Christ (Rom. 12:1-2; Heb. 2:9; 12:1-2). 

Significant Health Factors of Churches

We have a call to make sure our hearts are lined up with His. When they are Christ blesses us and our church. We have to be careful that our hearts are after His and not chasing evil or pride or self-willed desires that will get us in trouble. We have a Living God who cares and does not want us to wander off the path because he knows that out-of-bounds area is filled with dangers and ills that will make us sick or even die. It is not worth it when we can have His wonders instead. Sin is deceptive and seems OK to us, when in fact, it will seduce us only to destroy us. It is a bad boss who steals from us and never pays us; we work hard only to get further in debt and get sick doing so. So, why do it? 

What makes a Church Healthy or Unhealthy? 

This comes from a big problem we have in most churches today, that is the tendency of leaders not effectually growing in the Lord and thus do not practice their faith and this dispenses down to the congregation. And the outcome is a church that has missed its point and reason for being; as its people, who Christ has brought in, go without being taught or discipled because the pastors and leaders are not being taught or discipled. Being mature means you know not just Who Christ is, but His impact has gone deep and has occupied all aspects of our life and faith. 

Biblical Principles of God’s Call to Manage His Church

Used at church leadership retreats and church consulting…  (Opening session)  My goal is to lay forth to you suggestions from God’s Word and from my own experience on how to effectively run a church. These are based on many years … Continue reading

The Importance of Discipleship and Growth 

Growing in Christ is the key to growing a church. This is all about being a good and effective witness of who Christ is and what He has called your church to be and do. Following up, teaching, and mentoring new as well as seasoned Christians are the keys to spiritual growth and the replication of the witness. When a church forsakes discipleship, its people will not grow and thus will not reach out. Many will give up on Christianity while others become confused, calloused, or complacent. Alternatively, they will be swept away by false doctrines and cults because they do not know the difference. When we forsake discipleship, we end up just living for and unto ourselves. We miss out on opportunities, learning experiences, growth, and will exchange an eternity of rewards for a limited time of fun. This will turn into anger and bitterness later on in our lives.   

What is Discipleship? 

Why Make Disciples?

Preparing to Grow!

Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’]

Developing a Purpose

Purpose, or otherwise said with adjectives is our reason for being, the point of our existence, the general idea of what do I do now with my life, our principle function, our rationale of why we exist (existential), our chief function (confessional), our intention and what use are we for anyway.

God Really does have a Purpose behind your Problems!

God is our refuge and strength! As a pastor I hear this lament all of the time, sometimes it even comes from my own lips, “Why doesn’t God help me in my troubles?”

Understanding and Developing Christian Accountability

(This is one of my main weekend men’s conference talks)

What is accountability? It is a check and balance system to protect us from harm from ourselves and others. We do this by being open to what we are thinking and doing so we can receive encouragement and reproof, when needed.

Accountability Questions 

Accountability allows us to be answerable to one another, with the focus on improving our key relationships with people such as our spouse, close friends, colleagues, coworkers, a boss, small group members, or a pastor.

How to have a Quiet Time    Developing your Walk with God

A disciple is willing to grow in Christ! What does it mean to be a mature Christian? What are you willing to do about it?

The Character of Servant Leadership 

Leadership is the big catchphrase for the church in America in the last dozen or so years, but what is real leadership? Many books and resources are available on this subject, and to be honest with you, most of them are fluff and nonsense from business paradigms, and ignoring of the truths of Scripture!


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