Concert of Prayer

1.  Worship and opening prayer Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving

2.  Announcements and welcome

3.  Offering and prayer

4.  Responsive reading    Ephesians 1:3-23

5.  Concert of prayer

i.   Prayer for world:  Bhutan

Capital:  Thimphu.  Population 800,000 – 2.2 million, mainly Tibetan Buddhists, or Hindu

ii.  Prayer for nation

Samuel Alito nomination, president, Supreme Court, Senate, House, Iraq, military, etc.

iii.  Prayer for Lake Ave Church

Who:  Pastors, ministry council, staff, lay leaders, congregation

What:  surrender to lordship of Christ, spiritual formation, godly character, care for pastors and staff, protection against Enemy, discernment, vitality, vision of God’s purposes, humility, protection against gossip and negativism, encouragement, stewardship, forgiveness, discipleship, fruit bearing, protection against pride, solidness in the Word, genuine corporate and private worship, healthy relationships, holiness, prayer life, unity, missions and outreach.  (from “Prayer Guide for Your Church and Pastor!”  © 1989, 2005 Dr. R.J. Krejcir Into Thy Word Ministries

iv. Prayer for 9 AM Network

Thanksgiving to God; future direction; current leaders; needed leader – outreach/missions, financial provision; caring for one another.

v.  Prayer for 9 AM Network missionaries

See back

vi. Prayer for ourselves

Just pray for your own and if time echo others’ prayers, aloud or silent.  Unsaved family and friends, burdens, needs, health.

6.  Closing prayer

Class Missionaries

Benjamin and Gigi Benedick – Wycliffe, Papua New Guinea:

  • Thank the Lord for Ben and co-workers passing aviation regulations exam
  • Thank the Lord for third child on the way (joining Abigail, Joel)
  • Pray for more aviation mechanics and endurance for Ben
  • Pray for health, and growth in Christ for family
  • Pray for Gigi for wisdom as a wife and mother

David and Carrie Cronk – East Asia:

  • Pray for a recharging of their drained batteries during furlough
  • Pray for health
  • Pray for adjustment for the three children to life in the USA (Philip, Hannah, Esther)
  • Pray for fellowship and friends for all members of the family

Didier and Donna Heslon – Campus Crusade for Christ, USA:

  • Thank the Lord for the health of the entire family (Kayla, Ellie)
  • Pray for mental and spiritual preparation for new ministry in France
  • Pray for decision about where to locate in France
  • Pray for ministry team to come together
  • Pray for wise time management, endurance, perseverance, and fruit

Richard and Mary Krejcir – Into Thy Word Ministries, USA:

  • Thank the Lord for baby on the way (due May 7)
  • Pray for financial provision through supporters or extra employment
  • Pray for pastors in Pakistan
  • Pray that new Field Guide book would help many and glorify the Lord

Steve and Paulina McCracken – HCJB World Radio, Quito, Ecuador:

  • Thank the Lord for safe and productive travels this fall
  • Pray that their year in the States will encourage many by what God is doing through HCJB
  • Pray for prayer and financial team to come together
  • Pray for daughters Keilah and Kendra to adjust to life in USA and for all needs
  • Pray for believing Ecuadorian friends in Quito to continue to grow and bear fruit

V. Unreached People Psalm 126

Country         People Cluster

Mauritania                   Moor

Mali                             Songhai

Niger                           Tuareg

Morocco                      Riff Berber

Egypt                          Egyptian Arab

Saudi Arabia               Bedouin-Arabian

Kazakstan                   Kazak

Guinea                         Fulani

Senegal                        Wolof

Ethiopia                       Afar

Afghanistan                Hazara

Pakistan                       Punjabi

India                            Brahman

Laos                            Black Tai

China                           Uyghur

Indonesia                    Acehnese

Targeted by LAC: Cambodia          

  • LAC 5-year partnership with World Relief
  • India Trip Summer 07, need participants and opportunities 

VII. Personal Prayer Requests

Current Happenings

  • 2008 Elections
  • North Korea and Iran rumblings
  • Israel-Lebanon conflict … 

VIII. Communion

Concert of Prayer
Journey, Lake Avenue
December 31, 2006

Prayer Time

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 

    I.   “ACTS” Preparation


Names and characteristics of God:  Almighty, Creator, all-knowing, all-present, Provider, just judge, righteous, glorious, merciful, Healer, patient, glorious, good, covenant-keeping …


Heart issues:  Prayerlessness, pride, unkindness, jealousy, rebellion, untruthfulness, self-absorbed, disrespectful, unmerciful … 


Personal:  life, health, salvation, the Holy Spirit, peace, country, safety, necessities, God’s word, family, friends, fellowship, employment, good plans … 

Historical and global:  The Exodus, the Ten Commandments, the prophets, the Atonement, the Resurrection, the apostles, the martyrs, the missionaries, modern evangelists/Bible teachers/musicians/visual artists in the Church, God’s hand in current events … 

II.      Secular Leaders  Romans 13:1-3                                

International:  Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran (Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad), North Korea (Kim Jong-Il), England (Tony Blair), China (Hu Jintao), Japan (Junichiro Koizumi) … 

National:  George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezsa Rice,
Pentagon, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, branches of military … 

State and local:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, mayors of LA and Pasadena, Police Chief, Fire Department, Boards of Education, Media leaders, medical leaders … 

III. Church Leadership Ephesians 4:11-16 

Local Churches:  Paz Naz, Calvary Chapel Pasadena, Pasadena Covenant, Mosaic (Pasadena), Glendale Pres., Hollywood Pres., Church on the Way (Van Nuys), Grace Church, Church at Rocky Peak, EV Free Fullerton, Calvary Church (Santa Ana), Saddleback (Lake Forest), Mariners (Irvine), Harvest Christian Fellowship (San Diego) … 

Pastors at Lake:  Chuck Olson, Bill Mead, Roger Bosch, Dave Koser, Tim Osborn, Scott White, Jeff Mattesich, Albert Tate, Marion Skeete, John Wilson, Josh Higgins, Dena Mohr, Betty Ann Hughes, Gwen Cram, Carol Cuatt, Tim Scheidler, Curt Gibson … 

Ministry Council:  Lee Merritt, John Lewis, Jeff Jones, Linda Neuenburg, Dayna Lucas, Sung Choe, Bernice Collins, Jeff Ellis, Joanne Gilbreath, Jeep Jensen, Lori Johnson, Robbin Okamoto, Denny Repko, Harry Scolinos, Bill Spuck, Cliff Woosley, Kim Wright, Robin Northrop  … 

Other church sectors:  Pastor search committee, Denny Bellesi, administration, Worship & the Arts (Robin Northrup, John Sutton), Comunidad Las Americas, Korean Ministries, Arabic Ministries, Ethiopian Ministries, Metro Kidz, homeless ministry, Lake Avenue Foundation, counseling ministry, jail ministry … 

Classes:  Friendship, Singles @ 11, Galileans, InHarmony, Crossroads, Covenant, Bridge, King’s Couriers, college, high school, junior high, children … 

Journey:  Need class members to rise up for leadership positions for 07, Richard, Rhodora, Jim, Dan, Barb, Elizabeth, Brian, Tuan and YOU!

IV.    Harvest Matt. 28:18-20


About Biblical Guy

Pastor, Teacher, Missionary, Researcher, Church Planter, Author and Equipper. Dr. Richard Joseph Krejcir lives in Southern California and is married to the beautiful MaryRuth and a precious son Ryan, a miracle from God. He is a child of God who is committed to biblical understanding, prayer, spiritual growth, and integrity. He is the Founder and Director of Into Thy Word Ministries, a missions and discipling ministry, with a call upon his heart to bring discipleship materials to pastors and everyone who needs them here and overseas. He is also a researcher at the Schaeffer Institute and spent over fifteen years on an in-depth, careful and through study on End Times. He is the author of numerous articles, curriculum's and books such as "Into Thy Word," and is also an ordained pastor, teacher, and speaker. He is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California (Master of Divinity) and holds a Ph.D. (Practical Theology) from London. He has amounted over 25 years of teaching and pastoral ministry experience including serving as a church growth consultant.
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2 Responses to Concert of Prayer

  1. Mattie Ramos says:

    Please pray earnestly for 12 year-old Joshua to behave extremely well in school and at church having GREAT RESPECT/honor/obedience to all teachers and staff at all times! Please pray also for Joshua EXCEL in all the academics and in all sports and in all that is school-related in any way! Please pray for Joshua to have and enjoy EXTREME PEACE at all times and that satan does NOT destroy this child of minister parents! Thank you and God bless you!!!

  2. Mattie Ramos says:

    Please pray earnestly for “Cindy” a single christian mother living in a homeless dirty shelter with her two young children. “Cindy” works full time and needs one MIRACLE after another MIRACLE – financially and otherwise! Please also pray for “Cindy” and her two children to have EXTREME PEACE in this storm and always!
    Thank you and God bless you!!!

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